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Sofia Vergara’s Probably Pregnant

11:13 PM

Sofia Vergara’s Probably Pregnant - If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time alone crossing your fingers and praying for Sofia Vergara‘s breasts to somehow get even more awesome. Hell, sometimes I even try voodoo which I’m going to tell myself worked because here she is shopping for prenatal vitamins yesterday. While this could mean any number of things, I like to believe nine months from now a baby is going to be swatted out of a nurse’s hands and replaced with me in a bonnet. “Here’s your beautiful baby boy, Ms. Vergara! He’s, uh, he’s a little big for his age and asked if I validate, but each child is like a snowfla- You know what? He’s not gonna stop that crying until you feed him. I’ll come back.”

Sofia Vergara’s Probably Pregnant

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