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Filem KL Gangster Review

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Filem KL Gangster -Gangster KL Synopsis: - Tells the two brothers who had been trapped inside the world of gangsters, a man named Malek and a longer Jai. The older boy namely Malek has been jailed for 5 years due to being betrayed by their own compounds which masterminded by Shark stepchild to the King, namely the head of the most influential black joint venture in KL. For Malek after his release he wanted to change the perception of life and distance themselves from black life as an illegal syndicate.

Filem KL Gangster Undergoing regular ordinary life while keeping her mother's old but as a former dah banduan considered unfaithful by the public is somewhat difficult to him through life as usual. He was often harassed by other gangsters-gangster who still bear a grudge with him so that King appeared menghulurkan Malek assistance to initiate a new life. King directs orangorangnya so as not to disturb the area Malek and this is very not liked by his stepson Shark who wants to be "King" in this TOS. Unlike it is with his brother's life that is still drifting lulled luxury of living in a world of gangsters.

For Jai luxuries of life is everything and this may only be achieved with a diceburinya black world today. He can do anything for wang and power. Jai strong antaraorang Shark in the Shark What to do missions. Jai was the one who will come forward to realize what Shark directed likewise. Shark wings growing. But with the emergence of Malek, the Shark was the defendant. He feels tercabar. Various ways to drop Malek done but sentiasa broken by his stepfather King who often defends Malek is considered a friend.

King is less happy with the sentiasa karenah Shark perbalahan sparked a dark clusters involve the other. It made childless child relationship is getting cold. Kerana tamakan Shark first power vengeful with his father and Malek. for Shark, stem Maleklah everything. With that, the Shark directed to abolish his brother Jai. Here begins the conflict between relatives and family loyalty and a collection of ... The life or dignity. Where is the end of their battle ... everything will be answered in the "TOS Gangster."

Feature Films:
Gangster KL

Syamsul Yusof

Scope Productions Sdn. Bhd..

June 9, 2011

Gangster KL performers:
Syamsul Yusof
Ridzuan Hashim
Aaron Aziz
Zizan Raja lawak
Shoffi Jikan
Adam Corrie

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