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Filem Kongsi Synopsis

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TUMULAK, an assassin came from Thailand have been hired by the General namely KIMPEDU Gangster Thailand. KIMPEDU the power and money hungry, plan to kill the leaders of secret societies in Malaysia to create confusion among the triad of Malay, Chinese and Indians. This will facilitate the group to infiltrate into and dominate the government and black business partners in Malaysia.

All this commotion started in Penang occurred. ASP SHARIF on duty at the D7 gangsters, gambling and vice in charge of the case - the case involving members of secret societies. After a lot of murder cases occurred and the news spread. TUMULAk fotofit face emblazoned on posters and television as the most wanted man in Pakistan. MAIA KIMPEDU then directs the second mercenary assassins to hunt down and kill TUMULAK for secret plans are not exposed to the knowledge of the secret societies of Malaysia and the Police.

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